October Management Committee Meeting Briefs.

Reports from Members:

AHB reported that their 1080 SOP had been piloted with a number of operations. These went well and indentified a number of changes and improvements that be incorporated by the end of the year

DOC reported that the final review document recently to hand involves three service centres in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Most positions with move to these locations with some staff being retained in geographic locations reporting to the service centres. There would be a small operational conservancy system with responsibility for management of area offices.

There is a joint DoC/AHB research project looking at kea baiting protocols; effort needs to be put into developing a bird repellent that works well on all birds.

Local Government Reported that the Biosecurity managers group will have three members at the first toolbox governance group meeting in late September.

Good progress was being made on the machine hygiene standards project and funding to increase project management capacity was being progressed.

Councils support the move to a joint NPCA/Biosecurity Institute conference from 2012 provided that contractors and field staff did not miss out.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council is undertaking brodifacoum trials to measure the toxin in non target animals.

Contractors reported that the snow had caused some hold up with control work, more trend monitoring is being done at the moment. Contractors were waiting for ferret contracts to be advertised expected late October which would provide some continuity of summer work. Contractors had been involved with testing of the PDA units and will participate in the proposed PDA and quad bike training days.

MAF reported that the merger and restructuring process was continuing. Promising field trial research had been carried out by Landcare Research in Otago. Lincoln University is researching alternative toxins applicable to rabbits and a communications plan for those involved in rabbit control is under development